We’re here to help you whenever you need us

We’re here to help you whenever you need us

We provide PCP finance

So how does PCP finance work?

Personal Contract Purchase, also known as PCP, is a popular way of financing a vehicle and is usually based upon a Hire Purchase (HP) agreement. The main difference is that the vehicle’s value at the end of the agreement is calculated at the start and is then deferred. This is referred to as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) and is based on various factors including the starting mileage, the user’s projected annual mileage and the age of the car.

At the end of a PCP agreement the user has three options:

1. Pay the GMFV and keep the car
2. Trade the car in and use any equity towards their next car purchase
3. Hand the car back with nothing more to pay

As we’re all about people, we will always try to get you the best PCP deals.

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Pro's of PCP Finance

The flexibility of choice with your final balloon payment (GMFV)







Three choices at the end of your agreement. Pay the balloon payment and take the car, part exchange the car for another one, or walk away entirely.






The guaranteed future minimum value, means you don’t have to worry about the price falling for trade-in.



Lower monthly repayments in comparison to a HP deal.




PCP Explained

Benefits of PCP

Personal Contract Purchase, commonly referred to as PCP is car finance designed to help a buyer lower the cost of vehicle ownership with a repayment plan and timeframe to suit them. It also gives you the buyer the flexibility to switch to a newer car more often.

By choosing Personal Contract Purchase you’ll become part of the majority of UK motorists who use PCP finance as the most common way to buy a newer car due to affordable monthly payments.